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2020 Cartoon Shout-outs!

Your friendly Saint Paul Crank here. It’s time for some late summer cartoon shout-outs. This first one goes out to the organizers of the Minnesota State Fair Crop Art competition. If not for the pandemic, you would have been able to see this piece hanging in the horticulture building with all the other excellent seed-art […]

Teal bicycle with snowy bike path, and Wabasha bridge in the distance

International Winter Bike to Work Day 2019

Friday, February 8th: a great day to enjoy some winter bicycling with people around the world. It’s International Winter Bike to Work Day! Arrive at work with some snowflakes on your coat, frozen eyelashes, and enjoy bicycle benefits like: Climate-friendly living Does bike commuting impact your carbon footprint? And how much?  by Frances Stevenson Mindfulness:  Moving meditation: […]

Sunday Summary – May 20, 2018

Thank you, Tom and Julie for summarizing on Sundays for me while I was away from MN and away from most streets altogether. But, I’m back and here’s last week on streets.mn: Bike to Work Day Julie Kosbab provided a summary of streets.mn posts related to bike commuting in Bike to Work Day: A Content Retrospective. […]

How to Bike to Work: A Beginner’s Guide

May in Minnesota is when bike season kicks into high gear. The weather is finally nice enough that everyone wants to be outside riding in it, and May is also the month where bike advocacy efforts bloom. Locally we celebrate Mpls Bike Month, headlined by Twin Cities Bike to Work Day on May 18th. Bike […]

Saint Paul Bike to Work Week

National Bike to Work Week is coming up and, for once, Saint Paul has something to celebrate. We passed a bike plan back in March and already we have three potential bikeway projects up for public discussion. We’ve moved from having public meetings about plans (many of which never got implemented) to having meetings about […]