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The Case for a New Summit Avenue Bikeway

Summit Avenue has the city’s oldest, most historic bike lanes and is the second most popular place to bike in St. Paul. So why push for a multi-million-dollar project to improve the lanes? Because the bikeway can be better — and safer — for all users.

Grander Rounds

The implementation of Saint Paul’s Grand Round has only just begun, and even Minneapolis’ well established and beloved Grand Rounds is still missing a final segment. A pragmatic person might say that now is not the time to consider a metro-wide, bicycle ring road to serve as the cycling equivalent of I-694/494. But what if it largely […]

Sunday Summary – April 3, 2016

Welcome to April which is being blown into Minnesota on 30 mph winds at the moment. Of course, we had to start the month with some fun before getting back to the serious (but still not always solemn) business of bringing you additional perspectives on places. Here’s the week: April Fooling Expanding the conversation about […]

Are The Plymouth Bridge Lanes A Success?

Protected bicycle lanes were installed on the Plymouth Avenue bridge while it was undergoing repairs in 2013. Since that time the bridge has seen an 81% increase in bicycle traffic; quite the increase indeed. How are we to interpret this? On the one hand it is obviously a success in that riders clearly have chosen […]