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Final Four Nicollet Mall Target S 9th St 2019 04 06

12 Ideas to Improve Downtown Mobility

I was walking through the skyway near Nicollet Mall on Monday and watching the backed up traffic below. Single occupancy fossil fuel vehicles, car commuters, were “blocking the box” and preventing buses full of other commuters from getting home on time. The flow of pedestrians at every signal cycle was more than the number of […]

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Sunday Summary – May 5, 2019

Welcome to May!  Go outside!  Go to what might be the last Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater May Day Parade in Powderhorn Park. Ride your bike (it’s Bike Month!)! Policy problems and solutions Janne Flisrand follows her TIF explainer post last week with How TIF Can Solve a Market Failure in Minneapolis.  This defense […]

Exactly Where Does The Song “Skyway” Take Place?

Here’s a question left hanging downtown for more than 30 years: If Paul Westerberg was singing about a particular skyway in the 1987 Replacements song, “Skyway,” which skyway was it? That mystery lies at the confluence of two local cottage industries of inquiry: The history of skyways and the geography of the Replacements. Studies of […]

Sunday Summary – May 28, 2017

This week, streets.mn posted three items about its events and opportunities. First, the streets.mn board has been working on the comment policy and comment moderation to help foster civil, respectful and inclusive discussion. The result of this work is Introducing the streets.mn Comment Policy and a Call for Moderators (CFM) which details the new policy and provides […]

Podcast #100 – Skyways and Streetlife with Eric Dayton

The podcast this week is a conversation with Eric Dayton, the founder and chief booster of the Minneapolis Skyway Avoidance Society. Eric Dayton is the owner of two downtown Minneapolis businesses – the Bachelor Farmer restaurant and Askov-Finlayson, a clothing retailer – and, of course, son of Minnesota governor Marc Dayton. We sat down a […]

Sunday Summary – March 5, 2017

Have you looked at our events calendar?  streets.mn lists events related to our mission of expanding the conversation on transportation and land use (if you are hosting an event fitting this description or know about one, please send details to our events editor – events@streets.mn) as well as streets.mn sponsored events.  Today, March 5, for […]

9 (More) Ideas to Help Implement Rochester’s Vision of DMC

I would not have guessed that last year’s “9 Ideas” blog post would garner such attention.  The quickly assembled list was a no more than a combination of thoughts and ideas shared between friends and colleagues as well as examples derived from authors and practitioners from across the United States.  Yet the ideas spurred conversation.  […]

Skyways: What Lies Beneath

As it says (down there) in my bio, I’m a pretty regular user of Minneapolis skyways, especially in any form of inclement weather. Nonetheless, some days, especially this time of year, are not quite cold or inclement enough to make me want to retreat entirely indoors, but still chilly enough to make an entirely outdoor walking […]