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What Happens When You Build Things Near Transit? An Unsurprising Case Study

A few weeks ago, I spoke to an older couple who, over the course of our conversation, mentioned that they had both attended the University of Minnesota. I am not a Gopher alum, but I did live near to the campus for a couple of years, on a little stub of 4th Street SE near […]

Changing Housing Politics Means Changes For Transit Planning

One of the places that planners have been talking a lot about in the past decade is Tysons Corner, VA. A Washington D.C. suburb known for having a big mall where world’s first Apple Store opened, Tysons Corner had also managed to attract a number of major office tenants, and was something of a regional […]

Sunday Summary – March 13, 2016

In this week’s haul, two posts help us think about large issues which appear frequently on streets.mn. We’ve heard from readers and writers that background information, explainers, glossary-type information could be helpful for expanding and informing conversation about transportation and land use. This week you can learn about housing programs and think about political negotiation […]

Floyd B. Olson is Spinning in His Grave

The road was dedicated to Northside resident and socialist Governor Floyd B. Olson in 1951, but it was older than that.  As near as I can tell, construction of the modern-day Olson Memorial Highway began in the late 1930s. That makes it one of the first urban freeways in the Twin Cities. (For some reference, it’s earlier than the very early Hiawatha […]

Hey Transit Investments, Don’t Skimp on the Sidewalks

What if you built a transit line, and nobody came? More and more that’s a distinct possibility because, as projects face tighter fiscal realities at all levels of government, it’s getting harder to fund the actual pedestrian infrastructure that makes transit useful in the first place. The SWLRT offers a good example. You’re probably so […]