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When Was The Last Time You Were in Mankato?

The nice part about living in Mankato is that you’re often times overlooked by statewide media. Sure, we’ll pop up here and there for the best hockey town or landing number 10 on nation’s drunkest city list, but despite this marginal attention, we’ve been simply humming along. I have plenty of problems with Mankato that […]

Suburban Annexation is a Bailout

This story is not unique: a mid-sized Midwestern town is preparing to adopt a 50-year-old neighborhood. If you read between the lines, news of annexation often times read as case studies against low-density suburban development. This article from Mankato demonstrates (unintentionally) why these types of subdivisions can be so problematic. All quotes related to the annexation were taken from the […]

Sunday Summary – July 19, 2015

‘Tis been a hot and humid week here in Minnesota, but we have not been just sitting around drinking lemonade here at streets.mn.  Writers have been at community events, continuing to chew over transit planning/projects, and getting on their bikes. Here are the week’s posts sorted and summarized so you can read what you need […]

The Rent is Too Damn High in Mankato

Maybe you saw it, maybe you didn’t. The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies published an interactive map listing (essentially) the worst place for renting in each state, that is to say, the highest cost place to rent in each state. Guess who scored a big ‘ol fat numero uno for Minnesota. You got it. […]

The Full Force of Urban Renewal

Morning all and happy voting, I’m working on a project that shows Mankato throughout the years. In this project I thought that I would try and show a more interactive version of what Urban Renewal did to Mankato. A little backstory. During Urban Renewal Mankato ripped out five city blocks of historical commercial development in their […]

Sunday Summary – September 7, 2014

Perhaps streets.mn writers are busy back at school, because it was a pretty light week.  Here’s all the news sliced, diced and summarized: Audio/visual department: MnDOT Multimodal Plan Video Asks Tough Questions asks one question – “What is multimodal transportation?” –  and the answers are illuminating although not always encouraging.  Two photos this week show us […]