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Chart of the Day: US Cities by Tacos and Transit

Here is a chart that arrived via Carter Rubin’s Twitter feed, showing a simple quadrant graph of US cities on the “transit” and “tacos” spectra. Here is one person’s placement of Minneapolis, ranked according to tacos / transit: https://twitter.com/TheRealFuerst/status/1070479488150978560   Keep in mind that cities receiving high marks for “tacos” include Los Angeles (#1) and […]

Chart of the Day: Minneapolis and Saint Paul Populations as Percent of their Peak

Via erstwhile gadfly¬†David Brauer, here’s an interesting chart. The 2016 census population estimates came out last week and sparked an interesting conversation on Twitter this week. Here’s the original population chart, via former streets.mn board member / forum founder Nick Magrino: (He got the chart from a recently released Met Council report…) Following the chart […]

The Urbanism Crowdsourcing Hodge Podge Twitter Grab Bag

It all started with a tweet … https://twitter.com/Nathaniel1983/status/526869969964118018 The responses quickly came in. First from Mike Christensen, who has a quick draw. He’s the fastest tweet in the west. @Nathaniel1983 Road diets. — Mike Christensen, MCMP, CNU-A, AICP (@MRC_SLC) October 27, 2014 I have a lot of thoughts on road diets, specifically that we don’t do enough […]