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Friday Photo

Love them? Hate them? Love to hate them? A few views looking up, looking down and looking out of the Minneapolis Skyways.  

Friday Photo – Was Diamond Products

Looking through the Flickr group this week, this photo really stood out for me, especially the way the photographer captioned it. He writes: “The apocalyptic landscape created by the dual construction/destruction zones of the US-52 Lafayette Freeway Bridge project and tearing down the Gillette / Diamond Products building to make way for a new St. […]

Photo Friday

                      My first choice photo happened to be one with snow in it, but I didn’t want to get too ahead of myself (/ruin everyone’s Friday) so here’s a cheerier image of Milwaukee Avenue in the Seward neighborhood in honor of the Autumnal Equinox on […]

Friday Photo

Hello Streets.MN Readers, You were introduced to Joe and I back in March as the Streets.MN Flickr community curators. Starting today, and each Friday following, we’ll have a photo post with images from the community pool. Some posts will be a single image that caught our eye, some will include a story or delve into […]