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Bill Lindeke has been blogging about sidewalks and cities since 2005, ever since he read Jane Jacobs. He has a PhD in geography from the University of Minnesota, and has written for Minnpost, the Park Bugle, and Growler Magazine, among others. He was born in Minneapolis, but has spent most of his time in St Paul and serves there on the Saint Paul Planning Commission and Transportation Committee.Twitter @BillLindeke or on Facebook.

East Oakland Street

The Problem with the Oakland Street Closures

A while back. I wrote about the importance of streets and sidewalks during the pandemic, and how I thought the Oakland Slow Streets project was a great model for cities to follow. As you’ve probably heard, in Oakland, California the city has installed small barriers on over 74 miles of mostly residential streets, creating a […]

Sunday 3-5pm: Virtual Happy Hour featuring Saint Paul By Bike

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! We’re hosting another Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom from 3-5pm. Put it on your calendar and drop on by. Our special guest will be Wolfie Browender, a prolific writer, bicyclist, and photographer who has been quietly and consistently putting together wonderful stories via his website Saint Paul By Bike and here on […]

Spring Buds

Perspectives on Walking Through a Plague

Before the plague hit and people began sheltering in their homes, walking was something most of us took for granted. It was something we did to get to the car or the bus stop. These days, though, walking is a special treat, the highlight of the day. I’ve taken to going on walks with my […]

Tonight 6-8pm – Virtual Happy Hour feat. Twin Cities Freeway History

Hey! We’re hosting another virtual happy hour tonight, from 6 to 8pm. Our special guest tonight will be Adam Froehlig, who is going to share some of his fascinating research on local freeway history around 7. If you like, you can ask all those burning questions you’ve been harboring about Interstate 335, the Midtown Greenway freeway, […]

Sidewalks are Public Health

Today’s homebound pandemic makes it obvious that our sidewalks are inadequate. They are too narrow and often incomplete, and are not giving people safe, comfortable spaces to walk. This matters because our streets and sidewalks are our most important public space. Sure, we have city parks, and they are the gold standards of our public […]

This Friday — Virtual Happy Hour: Crosswalks History AND Freeway History

Hey! We’re having another Zoom Happy Hour this Friday, from 5pm to 7pm. Our featured guest this week will be Board Member Hannah Pritchard, who is going to share her expertise in traffic engineering by giving a short presentation on how jaywalking was invented, how crosswalks were created and a less-than-stellar study from the […]

Virtual 1950s Streetcar to Richfield at Thursday’s Happy Hour

We’re having another Virtual Happy Hour this Thursday. Plus, we’re going to kick off a new presentation feature, where folks stop in and present info about a topic they like. First up, streetcar history expert Aaron Issacs is going to share a video of a 1950s streetcar trip from Minneapolis to Richfield. Stop by […]

Tonight – Virtual Happy Hour 5-7pm

Hello again! I cannot believe it’s been two whole weeks since the first ever Virtual Happy Hour! Well we’re going to do it again, thanks to the gracious Zoom-mastery virtues of our host, Glen Johnson. Stop by and share stories about walks, bike rides, visions for the cities or public places in your neck […]

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Images of Rejected MnDOT Bike Manual Concepts

In a noteworthy scoop, editors have obtained a dossier of bicycle infrastructure concepts from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). In the interest of public disclosure, we are sharing them at this juncture. The files convey a number of potential designs that appear to have been rejected through usual agency protocols, part of an ongoing […]

Virtual Happy Hour Friday! 5-8pm

We liked the last Virtual Happy Hour so much we’re doing it again, folks. Fellow Board Member and Zoom-meister Glen Johnson has agreed to moderate again. Hang out online with other folks, and share stories about how the recent virus-related changes to your life are affecting you. We’re even going ot have a […]