Author: Elliot Altbaum

Elliot Altbaum

Elliot Altbaum

Elliot Altbaum is a graduate student in Geographic Information Science at Clark University. He grew up in Minneapolis and is excitedly watching it become a better version of itself.

Valuing Industrial Land: Two Examples

Bill Lindeke’s How Should Cities Value Industrial Land? started a great conversation. He finds contradictory information from different sources and wonders whether they are reconcilable. One report finds industrial land use as one of the most productive land uses in a city, yet tax value per acre shows a different story. Which is right? Both points […]

The Bank for Better Buses, Part 3

Creating a full-service Metro Go-To Card would benefit transit users and those without access to traditional banking services. It would also benefit the Met Council. There are examples of public institutions acting as lending agencies that provide great benefit to a range of people. The largest example of a public institution bank is the Bank of […]

Go-To Banking, Part 2

The expanding list of transportation options makes our multi-modal system stronger. All of these services should be lauded for their efforts. There is one catch, however. Each transportation service requires a debit or credit card as a payment option. For the 16.7% of Minnesotans who are unbanked or underbanked, debit and credit cards are out […]

Could Go-To Banking be the Ticket? Part 1

Significant praise has been heaped on ridesharing services. Uber, Car2Go, HourCar and NiceRideMN, to name a few, are lauded for increasing transportation options. Each service adds another way to get from point A to B, making our multi-modal system stronger. These networks run best when switching from one mode to another is easy and obvious. […]