Author: Emily Metcalfe

Emily Metcalfe

Emily Metcalfe

Emily is a parent to 4 kids, which takes up most of her time. She lives in Saint Paul, where she serves on the Transportation Committee of the Planning Commission. She is a member of the Union Park District Council and co-chairs its Transportation Committee. She volunteers with Saint Paul Women on Bikes. Find her on Twitter @emilyemetcalfe.

A Stroller on the A Line

I ride the bus with little kids, and being able to bring a stroller on board makes the ride a lot easier for me. For this, I like the Green Line the best, with its level boarding, wide walkways and space for a stroller. I have been very excited for the A Line to start […]

Not Seeing Pedestrians is Not an Excuse

My kids always seems to be running into each other, knocking each other down, and otherwise hurting each other. “But I didn’t try to,” they’ll say. “You have to try not to,” I respond. Kids have to learn to control their movements so they don’t hurt the people around them. For example, if you throw […]

Growing Selby Avenue Between Lexington and Snelling

  Selby Avenue in Saint Paul is known for the Cathedral Hill neighborhood, with its restaurants and mix of businesses, flats, and houses centered around Western Ave. Down the street west of Lexington, Selby is quieter, but it’s the backbone of the Lexington-Hamline neighborhood. Back in the streetcar days, this was an ideal suburban neighborhood, […]

Riding the Free Trolley at the Grand Meander

This past Saturday, I went with my family to the Grand Meander on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul. Sponsored by the Grand Avenue Business Association (GABA), this event featured lots of fun activities, including a 5K run, a soup tasting contest, and three art fairs. After corralling his reindeer at Ace Hardware, Santa had several […]

Nice Ride, the Green Line, and the Griggs Bikeway

Note: This post is part of the Ride crowdsource conversation, a series of crowdsourced looks at how to expand or improve Nice Ride planning.Check out the rest here.   I live in the Lexington-Hamline neighborhood of Saint Paul, which stretches from University Avenue south to Summit Avenue between Hamline Avenue and Lexington Parkway. When Nice […]