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The Opportunity of a Lifetime on Rice Street

Rice Street, the main drag of Saint Paul’s polyglot, working-class North End, has long been seen as a street that primarily serves suburban commuters. Despite the narrow (66′) right-of-way, Rice has four lanes of high-speed traffic all the way from downtown to a block short of Wheelock Parkway, where it switches to a three-lane layout […]

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Map Monday: Twin Cities Redlining (HOLC) Map, 1934

In 1934, the Federal Housing Administration devised a classification scheme for urban residential properties as part of the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation, a New Deal program intended to refinance existing home mortgages and to make the process more accessible for new homebuyers. The HOLC system classified homes and neighborhoods into four tiers, ranging from the […]

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Map Monday: Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhoods

Here’s a map of the neighborhoods of Downtown Minneapolis, along with a couple of unofficial districts and landmarks. Recently, Metro Transit announced that it would be dropping the “Downtown East” name from that Metro stop in favor of US Bank Stadium, followed swiftly by news of this study on new names and identities for the […]

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