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Saint Paul Increases the Focus on Pedestrian Safety

On the Saturday after Shelby Kokesch was killed by a driver when she was trying to cross Kellogg Boulevard at Mulberry Street in Saint Paul, I crossed Kellogg at the same place. A Wild game was scheduled at the Xcel Center. While I waited for traffic to ease up so I could cross over from […]

Person walking in the street outside a closed sidewalk and construction zone

Saint Paul Construction Kicks Pedestrians Into the Streets

I have lived in St. Paul for three and a half years so far. (Yes, I said years, not decades, which is the usual standard of measurement for how long one has lived in St. Paul, depending on the public meetings you attend.) In that time, I don’t think I’ve seen a single temporary pedestrian […]

People crossing a street on foot holding a banner that says Stop for pedestrians at every corner.

Stop for Pedestrians. We Mean It This Time.

Beginning this Sunday, August 2nd, it’s Pedestrian Safety Week in St. Paul through the following Sunday, August 9th. This year, the St. Paul Police Department has a grant from the Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths program to do focused education and enforcement for pedestrian safety. Starting at the National Night Out on August 4th, city police […]

Seed art of light rail train against skyline

Transportation Nerd’s State Fair

So far this summer we’ve read about the challenges of biking to the Minnesota State Fair and the popular experience of busing to it. But what does a transportation nerd do first after entering the fairgrounds under the old streetcar arch at the new West End gate? (Yeah yeah, the food…) Head for the tractors on […]

Ford, Finally RIP

I owned a Ford once. It sucked. I had reasons to agree with the jokes about Ford meaning “Fix Or Repair Daily” or “Found On Road Dead.” After that Ford, I didn’t own another car for 12 years. And I became a transportation planner because I never liked having to drive in the first place and […]

Still Too Many Pedestrians Killed in the Twin Cities

However you slice and dice the numbers, too many people are still dying just trying to cross the street on foot or in wheelchairs in the U.S., in Minnesota, and in the Twin Cities. The national Dangerous by Design 2014  report about pedestrian fatalities was released today by Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition. […]

2013 Best Place for Utilitarian Walking: Riverplace

If you’re walking to get somewhere, according to Streets.MN readers, the place to do it is East Hennepin Avenue to SE Main Street through Riverplace in Minneapolis. In the Best Place for Utilitarian Walking category, almost 30% of readers (14 votes out of 48) thought this walk from Hennepin over to the stairs at Riverplace […]

2013 Best Neighborhood Business Node in Saint Paul: Selby and Western

If the Streets.MN Best of awards had included a category for Loveliest Neighborhood Business Node in Saint Paul, Selby and Western would’ve won that hands down. But Selby and Western didn’t need the lovely qualifier to win this category with 32.1% of the vote (26 votes out of 81). The runners up were: Snelling and […]

Prince’s Walk Score

From the “Things transportation planners might wonder about while standing in line beside a vacant lot for two and a half hours to get into a Prince concert at Paisley Park without a phone because he doesn’t allow them inside” files: What’s Paisley Park’s Walk Score? Paisley Park is at least a notch above the […]

I Stop for People

Hey, I’m walking here!

As a recent transplant to the Twin Cities, I find myself in conversations where people claim things about the self-identified culture in this state like: “Minnesotans are law abiding.” Really? I thought, wondering who all those drivers are in vehicles with Minnesota plates flying by my speed-limit-abiding self on the highway or who don’t stop […]