Author: Sam Rockwell

Sam Rockwell

Sam Rockwell

Sam works on transportation and land use issues in Minnesota.

Car-free Commute to the Suburbs

Like many Americans, I work in a traditional office. This means I commute to work every day. I also have kids. My oldest goes to daycare in downtown Minneapolis and I have drop-off and pick-up duty. Unlike the prototypical American I do not own a car, although I have access to ride share vehicles and borrow […]

Increased Transit Funding Can Save You Money

The legislature is buzzing with transportation funding proposals. The Republican plan proposes no new revenue streams while the DFL plan contains a variety of tax and fee increases to pay for system fixes and expansion. One point of contention is the DFL’s proposed one percent metro area sales tax to raise money for transit. Republicans […]

A Quick Fix for Minneapolis Transit

Last week, David Levinson asked whether we are “building a city” in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. He noted that rail investments only make sense in areas where there is sufficient density to support those investments. He further wondered whether Minneapolis and St. Paul could achieve those requisite densities for a majority of residents in […]

A Welcoming Nicollet Mall?

Last Friday, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and Minneapolis Downtown Council CEO Steve Cramer penned an op-ed about Nicollet Mall for the Star Tribune. They stated that “the renovation of Nicollet Mall has the potential to transform the 12-block pedestrian and transit thoroughfare into a prominent symbol that will make Minnesotans proud.” They drew parallels between […]

Hennepin/Lyndale Bottleneck Revisited

Downtown Minneapolis is surrounded by a moat. On one side, the city abuts actual water – the Mississippi River. The City and Park Board have done a good job of making that part of Downtown a welcoming and attractive place: The Stone Arch Bridge connects downtown to NorthEast, and walking paths, bikeways, and green space […]

Permission to Cross

This past summer, my wife and I went to see one of the Walker Art Center’s movies in Loring Park. We took the bus instead of biking because of a recent injury. When we left the park, we walked to pick up the #6 at the south-east corner of the Sculpture Garden. We got to […]