Category: Housing

The Hillcrest Master Plan is Pretty Solid

“We should use these big opportunities to do big things.” The redevelopment of the Hillcrest site on St. Paul’s East Side is a unique opportunity to build homes, create jobs, and connect the neighborhood.

Market-Rate Housing Has a Phase-In

Market-rate housing has benefits, but they aren’t distributed evenly. That creates both an economic and political problems for new development.

The ADUs of St. Paul … and why aren’t there more of them?

With St. Paul having recently announced plans to once again tinker with its Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ordinance, it seemed like an apt time to try to figure out just how many people have taken advantage of the citywide ADU ordinance passed in late 2018, and to see just what they’ve been building. So, on a recent beautiful Saturday, I set off on my bike in search of the 12 ADUs that have been permitted and built in St. Paul under the rules set in 2018.

The Market Will Not Save Us: Why I’m Voting Yes

“This year, St. Paul residents have the chance to support a ballot measure initiated, researched and led by communities of color, a policy that would fundamentally shift the unbalanced relationship between landlords and tenants.”

Why I’m Voting “Yes” on Question 1 – Rent Stabilization in St. Paul

A lot of noise has been made about a controversial rent stabilization proposal that St. Paul residents will find on their ballots on the November 2nd election this year. Due to a 1984 state law, the ordinance had to be passed through a referendum, creating a lot of confusion about the proposal’s details, its effects, […]