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Grandview Grill offers patrons encouraging words.

Walking: A Rare Joy of ‘Sheltering in Place’

Is it me? Or is everyone who is brave enough to go outdoors these days a little friendlier, a bit relieved to see another human being? With a record number of people unemployed, and only “essential” workers (a term that makes me feel dispensable) now allowed to report to their offices or shop floors, fewer […]

Transpo Convo: Strolling a Quiet Neighborhood in a Changing Urban Area

[This is part of streets.mn’s “transpo convo” series, which aims to be an oral history of getting around the Twin Cities, one person at a time.]  The other day I was walking around a northern Merriam Park grid. I focused on roughly 6 blocks that are bordered by Snelling Ave., Saint Anthony Ave., Pierce St., […]

Prior Avenue and the Merriam Park Freeway Fight

If you’re riding a bicycle north or south in Saint Paul, Prior Avenue is one of the only nice ways to cross Interstate 94 and the Canadian Pacific rail line. There are several reasons for this. It has lower volumes of motor vehicles than many other streets and cars tend to drive slower. It’s more […]