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The Remains of a Lost Icon

July 24, 2016 St. Anthony Park, Como, North End 23 miles Another nice day for a ride, this time to the northern edge of Saint Paul. The first stop – for a window – came in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood. St. Anthony Park Como Like tulip leaves poking through the soil foretelling spring, signs […]

I Find Your Appeal Most Unappealing

A local Saint Paul group calling itself Neighbors for Responsible Development recently appealed a decision of the Saint Paul Planning Commission to approve a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for building height for construction being proposed for 246 Snelling Ave S. by TJL Development, LLC. This group has repeatedly claimed that their voice is not being […]

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Helmets Shouldn’t Be A Question in the Snelling-Summit Bike Fatality

(Also published on Ride Boldly) Yesterday, in St. Paul, a cyclist was killed when hit by a school bus. The accident happened at Snelling and Summit, which is a complex intersection involving service roads. You can get a sense of it from this Google map: The cyclist was headed westbound, straight, per witnesses. The bus […]

Five Reasons to Support the Snelling Avenue South Zoning Study

The Saint Paul City Council hearing on the Snelling Avenue South Zoning Study is on September 6th, 2017. Highland District Council, Macalester Groveland Community Council and Union Park District Council voted to support the Study. The Snelling Avenue South Zoning Study recommends Traditional Neighborhood rezoning of Snelling and its commercial nodes. Traditional Neighborhood zoning will […]

Sunday Summary – June 4, 2017

Welcome to June! Summer arrived in Minnesota in temperature terms this week, so now’s the time to look at the outings described in posts below and think about how to get out and enjoy (or improve) your streets(s). The old joke is that Minnesota has 4 seasons and one of them is construction season, so […]

Snelling Plan III: Comparison To Other Facility Types

This is Part III in a series about the planned protected bikeway on Snelling Avenue between Hewitt and Como Avenues. Part I: A Relatively Good Plan For Snelling From MnDOT & St Paul Part II: Snelling Plan II: Room For Improvement Where the bumper meets the soon to be dead or injured body, how does […]

Sunday Summary – May 28, 2017

This week, streets.mn posted three items about its events and opportunities. First, the streets.mn board has been working on the comment policy and comment moderation to help foster civil, respectful and inclusive discussion. The result of this work is Introducing the streets.mn Comment Policy and a Call for Moderators (CFM) which details the new policy and provides […]

Snelling Plan II: A Lot Of Room For Improvement

Part I: A Relatively Good Plan For Snelling From MnDOT & St Paul. In Part I we looked at the many good bits of this plan for a protected bikeway on Snelling Avenue between Hewitt and Como Avenues. There is still much room for improvement though, especially compared to facilities built to CROW standards. There […]

A Relatively Good Bicycle Plan For Snelling From MnDOT & St Paul

Part 1 of 3 MnDOT held an open house recently to discuss plans for Snelling Avenue between Hewitt and Como Avenues. First, thanks to MnDOT for their choice of local business location — great staff and cappuccinos at Gingko Coffee. The plan they presented is better than I expected and actually quite good compared to […]

The Reclamation of Snelling Avenue

Snelling Avenue is a wound on Saint Paul.  A north/south gash bisecting the city’s west side.  It’s a road that fails to serve anyone outside of a car in any meaningful way, but at most times fails the driving public it has been built to cater to.  Snelling has a grim record. Pedestrians crossing anywhere […]