Author: Amy Gage

About Amy Gage

Amy Gage is director of neighborhood relations at the University of St. Thomas and a member of the Union Park District Council board. A former journalist, she writes a blog about women at midlife:

Density Does Not Have to Equal More Driving (and Less Parking)

I know a woman who lives on Hague Avenue in St. Paul, within two blocks of the frenetic intersection of Selby and Snelling. She parks her car in the driveway that runs alongside her house, by the “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” sign in the front yard. I asked her recently if she minded […]

Want to Build Community Spirit? Let it Snow!

My husband and I were not even married yet when a primary pet peeve of his revealed itself. He said we had to shovel our sidewalk “so the cement showed,” from edge to edge. I wrote it off as some masculine obsession, akin to wasting a lovely Sunday polishing a car, until I took up […]

St. Paul Smart Trips Educates Colleges on Use of Cars

Ask urban homeowners what they dislike most about living near a college campus and they likely won’t cite noise or partying but parking — especially the inability to park consistently in front of their houses when school is in session. Macalester College in St. Paul is sensitive enough to the potential town-gown tension that it is running a […]

Car-focused Assumptions Lack Inclusiveness

A year or so ago, I was invited to a “greet your local legislator” gathering at the Minnesota State Capitol. A casual, brown-bag affair over a weekday noon hour, it seemed designed to draw working types from my politically progressive district. Surprising, then, that the otherwise detailed instructions included parking information only. Not a word […]

Cycling to the Symphony: A Noteworthy Experience

The young man and woman locking up their bikes across from Orchestra Hall looked respectable enough on Friday, June 9, an evening of Mozart, Debussy — and a 50 percent off coupon for a subsequent concert in downtown Minneapolis provided cyclists were sporting a helmet or other gear. The woman had thrown a jersey dress over her […]

Driving Yourself Crazy? Sell Your Car

I have structured my life so I can live without a car. That choice may seem impossible, and, at times, it is impractical. Like any counter-cultural behavior, it initially requires effort to adjust. I can attest, however, that car-free living is a healthful, fiscally responsible and even joyful pursuit in later middle age. When I […]