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NiceRide Booth at the E-Bike Challenge

Sunday Summary – April 7, 2019

The Final Four has taken over downtown Minneapolis and you could write a post about how well the city managed its latest crowd scene. Before riding the ferris wheel on Nicollet Mall and other Final Four activities, I hope you attended the Writers Workshop in Saint Paul; we’ll report on that more next week. Top […]

Saint Paul Floats New Libertarian Paving Policy

Faced with a cash-strapped Public Works budget, an endless supply of potholes, property tax unrest and a non-profit laden tax base, the City of Saint Paul is looking to a new policy approach to maintaining its streets. Using municipal technology grant from the Bloomberg Foundation, the city is set to debut a new road funding […]

April Fools - Margaret Anderson Kelliher in front of Shake Shack

MnDOT to Combat Dangerous Scourge of ‘Distracted Walking’ at Mall of America

April 1, Bloomington — The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has announced an exciting new effort in its campaign to fight the dangerous epidemic of distracted walking, by targeting one of the metro area’s most dangerous areas for distracted pedestrians: the Mall of America. “Distracted driving claims thousands of lives each year,” noted MnDOT Commissioner […]

Endangered Kenilworth Shark Another Hurdle for Light Rail Planners

The discovery of a rare subspecies of fish in the Lake of the Isles has created yet another challenge for the planners and engineers working on the long-planned extension of the Green Line light rail project into the southwest suburbs. Called the Minnesota lake shark, or selachimorpha calhounus, and once thought to be be extinct, […]

Neighbors Embrace New Oil Refinery for Ford Site

St. Paul, Minnesota — residents of the Highland Park neighborhood have been struggling for months against an outrageous proposal to redevelop the Ford Site with business, homes, and public green space. Today, Neighbors for a Livable St. Paul announced the results of their successful campaign to preserve neighborhood character. Instead of unsightly urban apartment homes, the industrial legacy […]

A National Park-In Protest

On April 15, the group “Citizens for Roads Asphalt and Parking” (C.R.A.P.) is participating in a “National Park-in” to protest the lack of free parking in American Cities. Protest participants will drive to downtowns across the country and park their cars in metered spaces or parking lots without paying. Some may even park in the […]

Legislative Report – Transportation Safety

The Minnesota Legislature is in the middle of a relatively short session. Numerous important topics are being addressed, perhaps none more-so than the transportation package. Non-trivial amounts of Minnesota’s transportation infrastructure are either beyond their original design service life or rapidly approaching that point. Experts have identified an unmet need of approximately $10 billion (with […]

Pixel Shortage Threatens Photos, Videos and More

The skyrocketing use of high megapixel digital and video cameras, HD televisions, monitors, and computer graphics will cause a critical shortage of pixels before the end of the decade, according to a group of scientists from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS). Dr. Demarien Harrell, lead scientist in the NTIS study, said the daily use […]