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Northern Cleveland

On my first day in the Cleveland neighborhood, I had walked everything south of 35th Avenue (and alternate blocks of that avenue), so when the good (if slushy) weather unexpectedly continued, I returned the next day for the rest. As usual, my route map consists shows a main loop in blue and supplemental spurs in […]

Southern Cleveland

The Cleveland neighborhood within north Minneapolis’s Camden community has Penn and Xerxes Avenues as its eastern and western boundaries and Lowry and Dowling Avenues (which take the place of 32nd and 38th Avenues) as its southern and northern boundaries. However, today I only walked the southern half, going as far north as 35th Avenue. In […]

Cleveland Avenue Bike Lanes

This coming Wednesday, June 17, at 5:30pm, the Saint Paul City Council faces its first test for implementing the city’s Bikeways Plan. The plan calls for bike lanes on Cleveland Avenue. The question is: Will they vote to implement the plan, or will they listen to claims of bike lane opponents and scrap a major […]