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Two wheelchairs being videotaped on broken sidewalk

Getting to the Green Line: Seen through the Lens of a Wheelchair User

No, I’m not in a wheelchair, but I’ve spent time walking alongside people who are, as we tested out walking and rolling routes to a couple of the Green Line stations. For me, and others who walk every day, the wheelchair user’s view offers a new lens that focuses on the challenges facing people who […]

Sunday Summary – July 5, 2014

4th of July news: Missed the fireworks in Minneapolis? Watch The Bombs Bursting for a quick time-lapse view of ALL the fireworks going off which is lots of fun and won’t scare the dog. Fourth of July Past provides a link to 4th of July-related posts from previous years on streets.mn. News Flash: The Minnesota […]

Sunday Summary – June 22, 2014

In the news: The Green Line opened last Saturday, so this week streets.mn writers provide some early feedback on how it worked.  Streets.mn is Revisiting “The Amazing Race:” LRT Versus Car from the Strib and considers factors besides length of trip in minutes. Traffic Calming will be the Secret to Green Line Success calls the Green Line […]