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How to Bike to the State Fair

Why drive to the Great Minnesota Get-Together when the options to bus or bike are so much more fun and less stressful?

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Everyone Walks at the State Fair

“People will walk a lot more than they say they will”—that’s the final observation in Bill Lindeke’s list from the State Fair. I was curious how much I do walk at the State Fair, so this year I took my GPS along. How much did I walk? About seven and a half miles. For most […]

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Seven Urbanism Lessons from the Minnesota State Fair

Much like Al’s Breakfast, the State Fair revels running against the conventional wisdom about what Minnesotans want in an urban experience. That’s one of the big reasons I enjoy going, and make sure to do so each year. There’s a lot that urban designers and decision makers can learn from the fairgrounds, and here are […]

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The Minnesota State Fair on Speed

No, this isn’t a video about rampant illicit drug use at the great Minnesota get together. It’s a timelapse video shot 6 years ago by Pioneer Press photographer Ben Garvin. I imagine many of the same things are taking place this year as I contemplate the even heavier than usual car traffic passing through my neighborhood […]

Sunday Summary – August 31, 2014

It’s the end of summer on streets.mn, but not too late to squeeze a little more fun out of it before it’s time for school on Tuesday. State Fair:  The Great Minnesota Get Together ends tomorrow, so streets.mn readers still have time to see Eco Experience exhibits, argue with Move.mn representatives, talk to political candidates […]