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Tunnels of the Twin Cities Suburbs

Notable Tunnels of the Twin Cities Suburbs

Many suburbs have retrofitted bicycle infrastructure, usually so that vulnerable users won’t slow automotive throughput. Along the way, many of these projects have spawned tunnels, which are always fun.

Parking meter in Uptown

Big Ideas to Bolster Car-Commuter Safety

Citing increasing crime on and near car storage sites in the Twin Cities, an urban Minnesota blog post writer plans to introduce several safety proposals that deserve serious consideration. Pine Salica, a leading voice on transportation issues, plans to ask a legislator to introduce their proposal during the 2020 session. Salica told a writer that […]

Chart of the Day: Airport Travel Time for US Cities, Transit vs. Cabs

Here’s a chart from Doug Mack’s Twitter feed and FiveThirtyEight (thanks Jeb!):   The yellow is the drive time  from the airport to downtown (with a 10-minute wait, which makes all the difference) and the blue is the transit time. It’s rare to see Minneapolis at the top of a list, and this one is actually pretty […]