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Sunday Summary – November 19, 2017

Thank you for Giving to the Max on Thursday, November 16 – you can, of course, still donate to streets.mn today or any day via the button to the right. To recap, Give to the Max Day 2017 – What Your Donation Means to streets.mn, but if you can’t give money, here are Other Ways to Give […]

New Karaoke Favorite – Roundabouts Explained in a Song

Listen to this song about roundabouts from streets.mn writer, Joe Totten. If you ever needed to know: 1) How to drive through a roundabout 2) Why roundabouts are seen as safer 3) Why roundabouts are seen as more environmentally friendly and reduce driver delays, or 4) Roundabout (neighborhood traffic circle) use in traffic calming, this […]

17 Minutes, One Red Light Second At A Time

I once had a quite lengthy conversation with a traffic engineer—about seven seconds. We were discussing if an intersection should include no-turn-on-red to increase safety for bicycle riders and pedestrians using an adjacent MUP. The engineer’s concern was that this would delay drivers by an average of seven seconds each. This was fascinating, as it […]