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Vehicular Walking: Take the Lane!

A growing national movement supports Vehicular Walkers — those who consider themselves cars and choose to move on foot with traffic, not confined to sidewalks.

An Everyday Story of a Burley and a 3-Year-Old

What do a father and daughter do to make the most of their morning commute? Riding bikes of course! Our morning routine is pretty typical of anyone. We struggle to wake up — well, Dad does. Daughter has been up for the past hour, carting stuffed animals and toys into Dad’s room and piling them […]

Vehicular Cycling: If It Worked, It Wouldn’t Work

Part I – Promote Vehicular Cycling. Really? Part II – Who Wants Vehicular Cycling? National Bike Challenge Update: Fledgling team streets.mn is in 59th place in MN, MNDOT is 61st and BikeMN is in 32nd. Team streets.mn is open to all. More info here. Terminology: Given some comments two weeks ago, I thought a quick […]