A Few More Opportunities for Public Input on the Minneapolis Transportation Action Plan

After my last class today, I took a ride on the route 4 bus–including the slow crawl along Nicollet–from Minneapolis College to the Central Library,  where I was able to attend the downtown Community Workshop for Minneapolis’ Transportation Action Plan. This workshop was one of a series of community engagement opportunities to interact with the city’s Public Works staff.  The meeting was part of the Phase 2 Engagement process for developing the transportation portion of the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan.  Open to the public, the workshop offered engagement models covering an entire spectrum of transportation knowledge bases (my favorite was ranked-choice voting, casting ballots by placing leaves on trees).



A comprehensive overview of the issues at the workshop

The workshop had seven stations for the seven different topics to be included in the Transportation Action Plan–Advanced Mobility, Pedestrians, Bicycle, Transit, Freight, Street Operations and Street Design. Each station provides information about the topic and allows for voting on existing ideas or attaching a post-it note with new ideas. I was able to chat with the Public Works employee at each station, digest the information and give my input in only 40 minutes.



A look at future High-Frequency route coverage in Minneapolis.

These workshops are an excellent form of public engagement and there are still two opportunities for you to participate in-person: The next opportunity is on Thursday, April 24th from 5-7pm at the Fairview Rec Center (621 N 29th Avenue) with another opportunity for in-person engagement on Thursday, May 9th at the Longfellow Rec Center (3435 36th Avenue S.)

If in-person workshops do not work for you, the City of Minneapolis is hosting an online Open House through their Facebook page on Tuesday, April 30th from 6:30-7:30pm. During this online Open House, you will have the same opportunity to vote on existing ideas (or submit you own) as those who were able to attend the in-person workshops. Browse the Transportation Action Plan website beforehand and let your voice be heard during the online Open House.

About Tim Brackett

Tim Brackett (he/him) has been on the board of streets.mn since 2018 and is currently co-chair of the board. He also works on the Anti-Racism and Finance committees. Tim is a full-time student at Metro State University, studying Advocacy and Political Leadership. He is committed to engaging communities and working collaboratively to build safe, equitable and sustainable transportation choices for everyone. When Tim is not working, studying or volunteering, he can be found attending a concert, exploring the North Shore or enjoying tacos and beers at a local taproom with his wife (Kari) and dog (Marla).

9 thoughts on “A Few More Opportunities for Public Input on the Minneapolis Transportation Action Plan

  1. Andrew Evans

    I’ll have to make it to the next one since it’s less than a block away. Thanks for the reminder! =)

  2. Serafina ScheelSerafina Scheel

    I’m vaguely annoyed that literally all of the feedback opportunities–even the online one–take place at the same time of day.

    1. Tim Brackett Moderator   Post author

      Agreed. One individual I talked with said the engagement numbers were higher with late-afternoon/early-evening hours, but I wish they had an online open house during the AM hours as well.

  3. Scott

    Curious to know from attendees how useful the workshop activities were. Does it seem like meaningful engagement because the website seems pretty vague and unfinished. Wish the go.minneapolismn.gov had more robust options for providing input online similar to the 2040 site.

  4. Andrew Evans

    Again thanks for this article as a reminder! It was great to be able to go to that last night, and the presenters were receptive to feedback and comments, for the most part they were people who were either in positions to effect change or in touch with those that are, and it was informative as an attendee.

    It would be well worth the time to attend.

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