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Kasota Ponds

What Good Are Climate Goals If They Aren’t Considered When Real Decisions Are Made?

What good are climate goals if they’re not considered when real decisions are made in our cities? It’s a recurring question heard in posts on that soon will be addressed at the Saint Paul City Council’s March 4 meeting when it considers the appeal of a proposed development at 2495 Kasota Ave. The Council […]


A Few More Opportunities for Public Input on the Minneapolis Transportation Action Plan

After my last class today, I took a ride on the route 4 bus–including the slow crawl along Nicollet–from Minneapolis College to the Central Library,  where I was able to attend the downtown Community Workshop for Minneapolis’ Transportation Action Plan. This workshop was one of a series of community engagement opportunities to interact with the […]

The Gulf of Minneapolis

To the Gulf of Minneapolis

July 10, 2016 Downtown, West Side 18.3 Miles I frequently look at maps of Saint Paul. Call it a “blogupational” hazard. Sometimes I’ll plan a ride with the help of Google maps. Occasionally I’ll use an official City of Saint Paul paper map. Street maps from the mid and late- 1800s to the 2010s are […]

Midway West District Current and Future Roads sketch

Gridding West Midway

Neighborhoods change. Technologies change. Economies change. While today a Distribution Center is advantageous in the West Midway Industrial Area, because the sunk costs are sunk and all the buildings are built and relocating is expensive, that might not always be true. Eventually these structures will be obsolete for the demands of the day, or a […]

Free Idea: Implement Transit + Freight Lanes

Here’s an honest question: does our current system of roads and streets really get goods delivered to market quickly and efficiently? If you ask any legislator pushing for more road spending or your random comment section warrior opposed to bike lanes, congestion is really hurting Twin Cities businesses. To the tune of $232 million a […]

Sustainable City Logistics in ʼs-Hertogenbosch

Hat tip to Walker Angell for pointing me to this very interesting video about limiting the number of trucks accessing dense central cities, from Bicycle Dutch. Every year the proud 140,000 inhabitants of ʼs-Hertogenbosch (aka Den Bosch) welcome around 5 million visitors. Every week 5,000 lorries and vans enter the city center to get all […]

The Great Divide

This blog needed a bit more solipsism, so let me use my inaugural post to talk a little bit about me. But I promise some Minnesota transportation and land use talk too. Unlike some of the impressive people who write for, I have no particular expertise in transportation, land use, urban planning, zoning and […]

Heavy Commercial Average Annual Daily Traffic (HCAADT) by Corridor: 2012

Chart of the Day – Trucks

Today’s Charts of the Day concern trucking in Minnesota: Source: MnDOT  Annual Transportation Performance Report 2012

Total domestic shipments, to, from, or between Minnesota locations (excludes international shipments and "through" shipments)

Chart of the Day – Shipments

Today’s Chart of the Day examines shipments to, from, or between Minnesota locations Source: MnDOT  Annual Transportation Performance Report 2012