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Andrew Owen is the director of the Accessibility Observatory ( and a research fellow in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota.

Map of Green Line job accessibility

Green Line LRT: Job Accessibility Impacts in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

(This article is cross-posted at the Center for Transportation Studies’ Conversations blog) Sunday, June 14, marks the one-year anniversary of the start of service on the Twin Cities’ Green Line LRT route. At the Accessibility Observatory, we like to celebrate transportation anniversaries the way we wish everyone would: with a detailed evaluation of access to destinations. […]

Minneapolis Should Focus on Data When Selecting Car-Sharing Provider

As a transportation researcher and a student of urban planning at the University of Minnesota, I am interested to learn of the City Council’s current efforts to select a provider for a city-wide on-street car sharing service. On May 1, the Star Tribune reported that city staff had recommended that the Council “authorize staff to negotiate terms […]

I Love Accessibility

Last year on, David Levinson wrote about a study which projected what accessibility in the Twin Cities might look like in 20 years under a variety of planning scenarios. I think accessibility is pretty great, and so I was very happy to get to work with David on another accessibility-focused project. “Access to Destinations: Annual […]

When You Plan, You Begin With A B C

I was driving through Uptown with a friend in 2004 when it hit me: these streets are in alphabetical order! As a visitor I was impressed by such orderliness; a month later I moved to Minneapolis (not because of the street names—or at least, not entirely because of them). I learned about the second alphabet while visiting […]