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A Missed Opportunity for Placemaking

If you have ever referenced the Pannekoeken Building, the Days Inn, the Carlton Hotel, or that old building across from Rochester Methodist Hospital, well then you are already well acquainted with one of the only remaining historic hotels in downtown Rochester. And if you read the news every day, you are now aware that a […]

Rochester, MN : A Question of UBER importance

Although I live in Minneapolis now, I grew up about 90 miles south of Minneapolis in Rochester, MN.  For those of you that aren’t aware, Rochester is a neat little place.  It’s also a strange little place that has been in a state of change for a number of years now. The folk song of […]

Form & Function: Four Corners – International Falls

This is the intersection of 3rd Street and 5th Avenue in International Falls. Overwhelmingly for me, the best of this is the NE corner where Coffee Landing is located. These buildings are enjoyable to walk by and to view from across the street. They have a great connection to the street inside and out (though […]

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MNDOT — Input On Draft Transportation Plans

MnDOT is accepting comments on three key plans through October 14.  Your input is important. Share your thoughts on the draft Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan Share your thoughts on the draft Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan Share your thoughts on the draft Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan For more information, visit    

Would We Really Miss It?

The Rochester Post-Bulletin reports that a critical piece of Minnesota infrastructure would be open today, if not for the legislative deadlock that prevented a comprehensive transportation funding package last session. This bridge serves County Road O, a critical east–west link in Dodge County just south of Claremont. “A bridge in Dodge County has become the […]

What a Car-free Commute Looks Like in Outstate Minnesota

I’m not sure if my living situation qualifies as “outstate” as much as it feels like it sometime. There is a barn on my property, along with a grain silo. Two of our neighbors have horse pastures, and agricultural is still a large part of the community. But I live in Becker, located in Sherburne County. It is […]

Life on Foot in our Ninth Largest City

I spent much of this spring exploring the system of bike lanes and trails that South Minneapolis has to offer, as well as the state and county lands here in Sherburne County. Both are relatively new to me despite being a lifelong Minnesota resident. I spent my childhood in Becker, which meant our family made many […]

Taking the “Transit” Sales Tax Statewide

As I write this, the 2016 Minnesota legislative session is coming to a close, and last-minute discussions are taking place to try and sort out transportation funding. One of the major options is the possibility of a 0.5% metro-area sales tax for transit, an increase from the 0.25% currently collected for the Counties Transit Improvement Board. […]

Chia Cities

We are living in a fascinating time for urban design. Over the past 20 years, at various levels of acceptance, the United States has realized the error in its ways of the past 50-60 years. A half-century of anti-dense and anti-diverse urban planning has rendered our culture vulnerable to collapse. It is as though America […]

Rochester: Ma Riviere

Fictional French film maker Jean-Francois Malibu supplied us with this short film based on his own reflections having been born and raised in Rochester.  Many thanks to him, or as they say in French, “merci beaucoup.”