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Four men in work clothes inside a streetcar maintence shop with several streetcars in the baackground.

Living in a Streetcar City

In my Grandma’s recollections, streetcars were much more than just transportation. Many of her memories focus on the community that surrounded streetcars and the way streetcars shaped her experience of the Twin Cities.

Fountain Cascade

“An Eruption of Springs”: The Diverting Story of Cascade Creek

Cascade Creek was named after a waterfall in the W 7th St neighborhood of St. Paul. The stream was most famously associated with Ayd Mill.

Playing at the base of the falls, August 2018.

Hidden Falls, Hidden No More

This month, with the opening of a new tunnel and walkway under MRB, a new viewing platform, and the partial daylighting of Hidden Falls Creek, Hidden Falls is ready to be discovered by many more visitors.