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Car Subsidy as a Cost-Recovery Measure for St. Paul: Time to CARPe Diem

The Climate Action and Resilience Plan (CARP) recently passed by the St. Paul City Council is an excellent, and necessary, first step to move St. Paul toward a sustainable future. You can read the plan here. Making the plan’s vision a reality will require developing many specifics that the plan does not flesh out. It’s […]

Saint Paul's 1922 zoning map (MN Historical Society)

St. Paul 2040 Could Learn Something from St. Paul 1922

As Saint Paul debates its 2040 plan, it is revealing to look back at one of the city’s first zoning maps from the early 1920s. A little inspection of the map reveals some of the origins of the city’s current social geography and social divides, but also some elements worthy of resurrection. The dominance of […]

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Sunday Summary – December 23, 2018

We hope you attended our Winter Fundraiser and party last week because we enjoyed talking to everyone, raised funds, raffled off cool prizes, signed up new members, and gave departing board member Janne Flisrand an excellent sendoff with The Theater of Public Policy. If you couldn’t make it to the event, you missed the prizes, […]

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The Saint Paul 2040 Comprehensive Plan

The world faces rapid man-made climate change that some scientists are saying is now beyond our ability to control. Yet we have a con-man president who believes, despite overwhelming evidence, that Climate change is a hoax. This is hardly surprising given that he’s been getting his information about climate change and many other issues from […]