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(Pronouns: They/Them/他/佢) is one of four journalists who cover transportation in Minnesota, and the only freelance one. Their stories, which cover transportation policy and programming, and occasionally criminal justice, appear regularly in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder and Next City, and occasionally in Racket, the Minnesota Reformer, and Southwest Voices. Find them on a bus of all types, or on the sidewalk or bike lane, camera and perhaps mushroom brush in tow, in your community or hiking trail. Follow on Twitter: @h_pan3

A woman onboard Metro Transit's Ceremonial First C Line bus looks in awe at the crowd as a Metro Transit police officer and a worker looks on. Rather than paying onboard, riders will pay before they board, and Metro Transit Police Officers will enforce payment.

The C Line Is So Far, So Good

On Saturday, June 8, Metro Transit debuted its latest Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line. The C Line operates from downtown Minneapolis to Brooklyn Center Transit Center and, in between, serves Olson Memorial Highway, Penn Avenue, Osseo Road and Brooklyn Boulevard. The C Line parallels Metro Transit’s Route 19, which saw its frequency and operating hours […]

Your Guide To C-Line Opening Day Events

At long last, the C-Line is finally opening! This Saturday, Metro Transit will begin running the C-Line. The C-Line is intended to replace the 19; it will run on the same route as the 19 between Downtown Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center but it will stop less often. It will use special buses, including electric buses, […]

Two unidentified Metro Transit Police officers conduct a routine fare inspection onboard the Green Line. May 2018.

We Don’t Need Police to Keep Our Transit System Safe

I hate cigarette smoke, and I know I’m not alone. My dad used to smoke all the time. I vividly remember him smoking while we were waiting for the bus. It was smelly and disgusting. But my dad doesn’t smoke anymore. He has been cigarette-free for close to 20 years. Others seem to have trouble […]

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Ride the Bus to Stillwater After Work Before They Cut Service

Act on this fast! On March 9, Metro Transit plans to severely cut service on express route 294. The Metro Transit line runs weekdays between St. Paul and Stillwater, making stops near 3M, in Oakdale and in Lake Elmo. Currently, the 294 has eight trips going to Stillwater (three in the morning, five in the […]

The author's bike, sitting on the shoulder of a County Road. February 12, 2019.

A Car-Free, Car-Less, and Car-Lite Guide To Surviving Bemidji

I thought I needed to have a car for my assignment. In August, I was offered a position that had me relocate to Bemidji. In Northern Minnesota. 200 miles away from the only home that I’ve known outside of San Francisco, away from the friends that I’ve made. I thought I was going away too […]

Walking Crookston

8am. I just finished walking an hour and a half from the Grand Forks Amtrak station. It’s a Saturday morning at the end of September in 2017, and the night before, I spent 6 hours on the Empire Builder traveling from the Twin Cities. After crossing the bridge to briefly visit East Grand Forks, and […]

Nice Ride On Lrt

Counting The Homeless On The Train One July Evening

Dignity. Housing. Help. Five dollars. That’s what some people clamored for when they saw us on the Blue Line one July morning. With our safety vests on and our clipboards wielded, they recognized us as staff (volunteer or paid, it didn’t seem to matter to them) conducting the Point-In-Time Count. It’s a quarterly – now […]

Unotkening Conference Pic

A Report Back From The Untokening

It was a relatively cold and overcast Sunday morning. I, along with 4 others, hopped on our borrowed bikes and proceeded onto the overengineered, mostly-empty streets of Detroit, many with derelict buildings on both sides. The four of us are comprised of a community organizer, a bikeshare planner, a food justice advocate, and the person […]

Two of Muni's buses on Owl routes meet at a transfer point in San Francisco in May 2016.

Metro Transit After Dark

It is 2am on a hot Wednesday morning. We are at 7th & Nicollet, onboard the 5 to North Minneapolis. There was a mother and their baby, seated on their stroller, playing peak-a-boo. Towards the back, four guys ran off at the last minute because someone they knew was in the area. Still, others were […]

Vote bus

Your Vote Matters – Get Out And Vote

We are 7 days out from Election Day. It is important that you vote, if you haven’t already. Your vote has the power to influence so many things transportation-related. For example, like how Metro Transit is run. There are very important races at the Federal level, but the local races have much more impact. First, […]