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2012 Best Trend (Hint: It’s not the Apocalypse)

I put off writing about the 2012 Streets.MN best trend until this morning in case all the raining fire and brimstone would surpass the other “best trend” candidates. But since we dodged that fate, it’s time to unveil the 2012 Best Trend results! Nice Ride Minnesota is the clear winner with 44.2% of the vote.  […]

Saint Paul Union Depot reopening tomorrow

After laying dormant for 41 years, the concourse and waiting room of the Saint Paul Union Depot will reopen to the public tomorrow, Saturday, December 8th. The reopening comes after a two-year, $243 million rehabilitation of the massive building and the 33-acre site it occupies, which included $148 million in construction and renovation plus $95 […]

Women on Bikes: The National Women’s Cycling Summit

Today marks the kickoff of the National Women’s Bicycling Summit in Long Beach. Hooked up to the end of the Pro Bike/Pro Walk Conference, the scheduling is designed to try to capture some of the same audience and get them talking about women’s cycling issues in more depth than the agenda of a wider conference […]

Is “Forgiveness” Just for Auto Drivers?

  There’s been a rash of pedestrian accidents lately. When these accidents get reported in the paper or batted around the water cooler, there are often underlying assumptions about blame.  The stories typically imply that victim was intoxicated, in the wrong place, young, old, or unhelmeted (for bicyclsits). Because we all drive almost all the […] Podcast #5 – Talking NiceRide Marathon with Ed Kohler

I’m re-starting the Podcast, after many months of loitering. This episode is an interview local blogger Ed Kohler, about his recent Nice Ride marathon. Ed took a Nice Ride subscription and visited all 145 station stops in a single day, which is (quite frankly) amazing. Here’s a link! You can subscribe on iTunes as […]

Twin Cities: Best Cities for Bicycling…to Beer?

(Reposted from The Growler) Sure, Minneapolis has been declared one of Bicycling magazine’s top cities for bicycling—but I’d like to add to that honor by declaring the Twin Cities, as a whole, the best cities for bicycling to beer. Now I realize that my award may not carry the prestige Bicycling magazine’s does, but let me make […]

Nicollet, the Greenway and K-Mart: A Vision for Discussion

We’ve all seen it, and by-in-large, we all loathe it: the K-Mart on Lake Street between Blaisdell and 1st Ave S.   You know, that place where Minneapolis’ main street used to come through.  Last spring I had the opportunity to analyze this site in-depth as my landscape architecture and urban planning capstone project. At this […]

Open Streets 2012 is Back

Following the inaugural Open Streets Minneapolis event in June of 2011, Minneapolis residents will have another opportunity to explore and enjoy their neighborhood streets without the presence of motorized traffic on June 10th, 2012.  Open Streets events (based on the Ciclovía from Bogotá, Colombia) bring together families and neighbors to bike, walk, socialize, play and shop […]

Experiencing City Streets: 30 Days of Biking

Another year of 30 Days of Biking has come and gone. In addition to miserably failing to tweet regularly, I missed a few days of riding while I was traveling on the east coast. All the same, for me, this was the best year of 30 Days of Biking to date. For folks who haven’t […]