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Neighborhood Night at Water Bar

Join us for a happy hour open house at Water Bar & Public Studio. Check out this new community space focused on art and sustainability, visit with neighbors, and learn about exciting things happening in our community. We’ll have local waters on tap – as well as local brews – served by artists and other community leaders. Free and open to all!

Water Bar began in 2014 as a public art project, a pop-up bar that serves local tap waters and is staffed by water researchers, sustainability educators, activists, artists and other community residents.

Over the past two years Water Bar has served local tap waters to over 30,000 people in Minnesota, Arkansas, Illinois and North Carolina – sparking conversations about the importance of local water to lives and communities, and helping to equip people to engage with complex and urgent issues stemming form our collective attitudes and approaches to environment – issues like water pollution and scarcity, land use and urban development, climate change and environmental injustice.

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Chart of the Day: Salt Use by Industry over Time

Here’s a chart from this neat article on the history of salt de-icing on US roads. It all started in New Hampshire, but you can see the growth of de-icing salt (the green line on the chart): As the article explains, all this salt has a bit of an impact on the local nonhuman environment: Just […]

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