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a stick figure of me and my bike superimposed on the intersection described

Getting Lost Going Straight

Tonight I rode my great new winter bike home from the bike shop. I’m not too familiar with most anything south of the Greenway and west of the River, but I got directions to the Hiawatha LRT Trail, and figured I was set from there. “Just head north on the trail ’till I know where […]

photo of Cedar and Minnehaha Parkway crosswalk and "beg" button

This Intersection Needs Work

Having recently moved away from downtown, I’m spending more time in other parts of the city, which means I find new things to critique/complain about. Case in point, a problematic intersection that stands between my new home and the closest grocery store: Cedar Ave & East Minnehaha Parkway. Let’s set aside for the moment how […]

Prioritize Pedestrians at Hiawatha Avenue

The City of Minneapolis is asking citizens for input on the signals at major intersections of Hiawatha Avenue. Yesterday evening, when the “smart”¬†pavement sensor recognized¬†my car and gave me a green light, I passed a pedestrian stranded on a porkchop island who should have had a Walk signal as part of that light phase. As […]