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Sunday Summary – March 25, 2018

Happy Spring! If you missed the Annual Writers’ Workshop you can still be a writer, ask questions about how we work. Just take a look at our Write page and contact us. Beyond writing, there are other ways to get more involved with; this page lists our committees and their standing meeting times and our Events […]

Walking All the Streets in Northern East Harriet

Gardens, artwork, and other points of interest gave me plenty to look at in the northern half of East Harriet, notwithstanding that I walked past far fewer residences than in the southern half. The two walks were of similar length (7.2 and 7.4 miles), but this second one circumnavigated a large area of cemetery and parkland. […]

Walking All the Streets in East Isles

Logic and nomenclature are uneasy bedfellows, but for the East Isles neighborhood they get along passably well. The neighborhood generally lies to the east of the Lake of the Isles, extending as far west as Hennepin Avenue. True, that doesn’t explain why the northern boundary is 22nd Street rather than Franklin Avenue. Nor, more consequentially, […]

A World Class Bike City Should Probably Enforce Laws Against Parking In Bike Lanes

Minneapolis has at times (in 2010 according to Bicycling Magazine, and in 2015 according to Copenhagenize Design Co.’s worldwide index) held the title of the number one bicycling city in the United States. As a commuter cyclist, I often wonder what the number two city must feel like regarding facilities and enforcement. More often than not, […]

Chart of the Day: Minnesota Population via Sankey

Here’s a beautiful chart for you, from a Reddit thread I once happened across. It’s a “Sankey diagram” showing the population of the state broken up by type of city / region / type of urban or rural environment. Check it out: It’s both beautiful and informative! Thanks to Reddit user aphid43 for making it. If […]

Where the Grass Really is Greener

June 5, 2016 Highland Park, Macalester-Groveland, Summit-University/Rondo, North End, Como 19 miles This ride featured significant stops in five neighborhoods. First, Highland Park where I spotted what strikes me as a house with a mullet because it’s all business in the front and a party in the back. Macalester-Groveland Grand Avenue plus the first Sunday […]

Podcast #110: Cars and Phones and State Transportation Policy with Frank Hornstein

The podcast this week is a conversation with State Representative Frank Hornstein, who represents district 61A in south Minneapolis. Frank Hornstein has long been a leader in the Minnesota House on transportation issues, and is currently the ranking minority member of a whole bunch of transportation-related committees. The state legislative session is going on right […]

Accessory Dwelling Units: A Tale of Two Cities

About five years ago, interest in accessory dwelling units had reached a critical mass in Minneapolis and St. Paul. ADUs were seen by proponents as a way to increase housing diversity and flexibility and add density in residential neighborhoods. With cities around the country having already approved ADUs, planners and proponents had a wealth of […]