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Highlandpark Streets

Neighborhood Character and Redlining’s Legacy

“Neighborhood character,” it turns out, can be legally defined and covenanted, as I learned recently when I spent a morning conducting research at the Ramsey County records division. I found the warranty deed abstract for the multi-block plot of land that includes my lot and house, and a significant swath of Highland District Council (HDC) […]

Photo Enforced Stop Light

Camera Enforcement Questions & Answers

The ongoing conversation over the role of enforcement in creating safe streets and cities has raised a number of important points, both on and elsewhere.  I believe camera enforcement is a key component in creating safe streets and can be done without sacrificing our commitments to equity, privacy, and safety through better design.  To […]

Appeals vs race and education

Who’s Filing All These Property Valuation Appeals?

Every Spring in Minneapolis, blows up when the annual property assessments went out. Many neighbors ask questions and give tips on how to convince the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County that the real estate they own is actually less valuable than the assessor thinks. I should probably point out that there are some […]

Map Monday: Twin Cities Diversity Trends by Neighborhood, 2000 – 2017

The New York Times published a compelling map-based article this weekend about how white and non-white ratios are changing in neighborhoods around the United States. Their key thesis is that white homebuyers are rapidly changing the demographics and real estate values of neighborhoods that have long been home for people of color in many US […]

Unotkening Conference Pic

A Report Back From The Untokening

It was a relatively cold and overcast Sunday morning. I, along with 4 others, hopped on our borrowed bikes and proceeded onto the overengineered, mostly-empty streets of Detroit, many with derelict buildings on both sides. The four of us are comprised of a community organizer, a bikeshare planner, a food justice advocate, and the person […]

Life Expectancy Map

Map Monday: Twin Cities Metro by Life Expectancy

Check out this new mapping project from Quartz, showing the average life expectancy for every zip code in the US. [You can search any city in the state or the country using the map!] The differences in life expectancy are striking, and nowhere more so than right in Saint Paul. The Quartz team found that […]

Rest Of Hennepin People Of Color

Map Monday: Hennepin Minus Minneapolis: Density of People of Color

Minneapolis is a dominating economic presence in Hennepin County and in the state of Minnesota. As the base of the state’s dominant newspaper even Minneapolis’ politics can dominate so many conversations all Minnesotans need to be having about the direction of our whole state. Last week I posted a series of maps produced by Three […]

Chart of the Day: 2016 US Median Net Worth by Race

Here’s a sobering chart that shows the true depth of inequality in this country. Often you see inequality measured by income, and by that accounting, our racial gaps are very large. But these gaps grow even larger when you factor in overall wealth, which reflects how income is accumulated over time. There the gap reaches […]