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St Paul’s Priorities: Short Sighted and All Out Of Sorts

St Paul and Highland District Council are proposing to add left turn lanes and a 10’ median to Snelling Avenue between Randolph and Ford Pkwy. The stated purpose is to slow traffic, reduce left turns, and improve safety for pedestrians. Unfortunately, this project will make this neighborhood less pleasant, with increased and faster traffic, and […]

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The Saga of the Stop Sign at 14th and Fremont

Saturday afternoon–as far as I can remember, the stop sign is standing. Sunday–it started innocently enough, someone hit the stop sign at the corner of North 14th Avenue and Fremont Avenue North over night, and yours truly took this picture. “Think it’s the result of distracted walking?”, my transportation-nerd friends chuckled politely. (In hindsight, someone called […]

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The Four-Way Stop that Almost Is

Shortly after moving into my house on 10th Avenue and 25th Street in South Minneapolis, I noticed that there seemed to be an inordinate amount of honking coming from the intersection. Not even kidding, as I typed that sentence a long blaring horn sounded from the corner outside. Several times an hour, it was HONK HONK […]

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