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Alex Cecchini

Alex Cecchini

Alex likes cities. He lives with his wife, two kids, and two poorly behaved dogs just south of Uptown (Minneapolis). Tweets found here: @alexcecchini and occasional personal blog posts at

The Progressive Case for Up-Zoning Minneapolis

I love living in Minnesota, the Twin Cities, and mostly Minneapolis. The core of our state offers so many opportunities to so many different kinds of people. But for too long, urban progressives – the type of people who vote overwhelmingly for liberal candidates and causes election after election – have waged a mostly winning […]

Dense Development Belongs in Neighborhood Interiors Too

You may have heard about the proposal to re-zone the Lowry Hill East neighborhood of Minneapolis (commonly known as The Wedge, not to be confused with the defunct neighborhood newspaper or grocery co-op of the same name). Some people are opposed. I am one of them. I’ve been meaning to write something specific about the merits of […]

Crossroads Apartments

A Lukewarm Take on Richfield’s Concierge Apartments

It’s 2016 and everywhere you go there are hot takes to be had. Twitter. Comment sections. Planning Commission meetings. You get the picture. Sometimes, serious topics really do deserve these flaming hot takes to call attention to the magnitude of problems. I’m inclined to agree that the recent renovation of over 700 apartments in Richfield, […]

An Alternate Universe of Transit, Or, Explaining the Political Ideology Gap in Transit Funding

What if the Minneapolis-St Paul region chose to intentionally grow as a truly multi-modal region rather than one dominated almost entirely by private vehicles starting back in the 1950s? What would it look like? A person can dream, right? Admittedly, this post is less about wasting time dreaming of an alternate world as it is about […]

Transit In Third Ring Suburbs

We spend a lot of time on talking the core cities and inner-suburbs. It’s easy to forget the hundreds of square miles in our region (or across the state) that are doing very little on land-use and transportation. I’ve been using Lakeville, MN as a case study for these places. Go check out the links […]

Counterpoint: Expanding the Existing Drive-Thru Ban Won’t Hurt Minneapolis

Minneapolis Council Members Lisa Bender and Lisa Goodman have introduced a change to city ordinances to broaden the coverage of Pedestrian Oriented Overlay districts. This includes a ban on drive-through fast food, banks, pharmacies, and other businesses. Eric Roper at the Star Tribune gave a pretty good run-down of the situation, followed by about 500 commenters raising the […]

Brick home on Marshall Avenue

No, Large Apartment Buildings Won’t Devalue Your Home

In America, nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and apartments killing neighboring property values. Especially big ones that block sun and bring noise and traffic and transients who park on your street full of single family homes. We’ve known this truth for almost a century now. The United States Supreme Court’s […]

Let’s Legalize Short-Term Rentals

Call them whatever you want; Airbnb, Vacation Rentals by Owner, HomeAway. You’ve probably heard about them in the news. Maybe you even stayed in one and wrote about it for a post! Whatever you might call them, I’m talking about the ability to rent out anything from a spare couch to a whole unit […]