Author: Cameron Conway

Cameron Conway

Cameron Conway

Cameron fell head over heels for cities while living in DC and Seattle. Now in Minneapolis, he advocates for equitable urbanism through the Midtown Greenway Coalition, the CARAG neighborhood board and the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition. He wants to build dynamic urbanism in your parking lots.

Transportation for a Booming Dinkytown

Attention, Dinkytown regulars! If you’re interested in helping advocate for sustainable transportation solutions for the neighborhood, you’ll have a chance at next Tuesday’s Dinkytown Transportation Forum!   Dinkytown is getting crowded The SE Minneapolis business node has emerged with one of the most prolific redevelopment markets in Minneapolis. With six housing developments currently under construction […]

Building for a Bipolar Climate

I tend to do most non-lethal things that I’m challenged to do. I refuse to walk my bike up hills despite riding a single speed (when at all physically possible). As an 11-year old, I drank a half bottle of Texas Pete in exchange for $5 after being dared by my loving mother. A year […]

West 29th Street as a Pedestrian Destination

  The city of Minneapolis has set aside $350,000 towards studying the possibility of reconstructing Uptown’s West 29th street as a pedestrian-only boulevard. Uptown is a tough combination of pedestrian-scale storefronts and speedy auto thoroughfares, so a pedestrian connection that’s being compared to High Line Park could be the necessary cream filling for a truly stellar […]

Counterproductively Safe: U of M’s Washington Ave. Transit Mall

  It has been several months since construction came to a close on Washington Ave SE’s stretch through the University of Minnesota’s East Bank, and I couldn’t be more conflicted about the result. Great design, terrible timing When comparing the reconstructed street’s physical design to its predecessor’s, what we have now is spectacular for all […]

Preserving Rental Affordability in the Infill Era

Despite seeing some healthy growth over the last few years, 2014 is turning out to be a rough development year for the Wedge’s renters. While renters currently comprise ~77% of the neighborhood, their voices are being drowned out. The neighborhood’s last few proposed rental projects have seen heavy opposition or have been blocked entirely. The winnings […]

Neighbors vs Neighborhood Retail, Privacy vs Public Space

I recently chaired the most controversial meeting of my short urban planning ‘career’ (or the unpaid equivalent). ~30 residents and business owners from CARAG came to our Land Use and Transportation committee meeting for a good old fashioned zoning debate.  The property in question held C1 zoning until 1999, when Minneapolis rezoned many isolated commercial […]