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What the Heck is CLIC?

CLIC stands for Capital Long-Range Improvement Committee. CLIC is made up of 33 resident representatives appointed by City Council Members (two per ward) and the Mayor (seven at-large members). The job of CLIC is to review projects brought to us by City of Minneapolis departments as part of the City’s five-year capital budget, and to then […]

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State Employees Lead the Way With Sustainable Transportation Initiatives

Several state employees within St Paul are working on transit/earth fairs and community rides in April and May: April 11th: Electric Bike Panel, Lafayette Park April 20th: Lafayette Park Community and Transit fair April 21st: Bike to Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary from Lafayette Park May 17th: State capitol transit and health fair May 17th: Bike […]

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Sunday Summary – March 19, 2017

streets.mn’s 3rd annual Writers’ Workshop is coming up fast. Saturday – yes, this coming Saturday – streets.mn is calling all writers – current writers, former writers, readers who might like to be writers — to the 3rd Writers Workshop on Saturday, March 25th from 11:30 am -2:30 pm in Room 445 in Blegen Hall on […]

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Shared Streets for All Ages

Tank’s a fan of biking. He was a bike commuter (in addition to walking, running, and transit) starting in the 1940s, riding even when coworkers mocked him and family teased him. My earliest foggy memories are of being on the back of my mother’s bike while she cycled to meet up with him as he […]

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From Intersections to Intersectionality

Passion for bicycling can take one on unexpected journeys. What began for Lars Christiansen as a desire to make it easier to ride bicycles in one’s community led to commitments to addressing broader sets of issues and problems through work with Friendly Streets Initiative and the Rondo Land Bridge. From the street in front of your house to communities throughout the Twin Cities, the bicycle is a means of movement, literally and metaphorically. From your riding partners to community partnerships, the bicycle can take you there. Come hear the story of one such journey. In addition to numerous bike-related civic commitments, Lars is chair of the Sociology Department at Augsburg College and has travelled internationally and throughout the U.S. studying urban infrastructure and biking.

ars was Director of the Friendly Streets Initiative (FSI) since its creation in 2009 to 2016. FSI began when he and six other residents of Frogtown and Hamline-Midway led an effort to involve the public in the planning process of Charles Avenue. Thanks to a community effort, Charles Avenue is now the most developed bicycle and pedestrian boulevard in Saint Paul (and more remains to be constructed). Since then FSI has worked with multiple communities in St. Paul to vision and advocate for improvements to public spaces. Currently Lars is working on the Rondo Land Bridge project, which grew out of FSI’s “Better Bridges for Stronger Communities” project. With Mr. Marvin Anderson and Mr. Melvin Giles, he is currently forming ReConnectRondo, an organization whose sole purpose is to see the Rondo Land Bridge become a reality to serve community needs and interests.

After the talk, join us in The Vault to view our collection and connect with fellow cycling enthusiasts. The Vault and talks are at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, 519 Oak St., Minneapolis. Enter via the blue “Welcome” awning on the east side of the church. Free parking available by the entrance. Light refreshments will be available after the talk.

Streets.mn is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers running. If you value what you read, please consider becoming a member.

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Sunday Summary – February 26, 2017

The streets.mn board held its regular meeting yesterday, February 25, 2017. On the agenda: electing new board members (we’ll announce their names very soon), discussing how to change our policy and practice at streets.mn to make the comment section a place where you all help carry out our mission to expand the conversation on transportation […]

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Expand Your Transportation Toolbox

When I was in law school, I lived in a furnished apartment two blocks from school. Basically all I owned was my clothes, a desktop computer, some CDs and my textbooks. I definitely owned zero tools. Then I graduated and moved to a fancier apartment (the deck of a swimming pool is a great place to […]

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Winter Biking Goes to the Dogs

In honor of International Winter Bike To Work Day on February 10th, state agencies within Lafayette Park hosted a “Winter Bike to Work” panel. Set to inspire fellow colleagues to consider biking in the winter time, three panelists provided tips and suggestions on how to bike safely and have fun biking in the winter.  The […]

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Sunday Summary – February 12, 2017

This week perhaps you can take your Valentine for a walk (see a couple of options below or more here) or revisit some of our older posts about What I Love About Minnesota.  We are also still looking for people who love us; the deadline for submitting an application to join the streets.mn board is […]

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