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The Developing Thrivent Building Story

As of right now, Thrivent Financial owns a collection of surface parking lots and one uniquely shaped 18-story tower in Downtown Minneapolis. For what seems like ages, their tower loomed over a vacant corridor of the city where even surface parking was off limits, contracted only to the employees of Thrivent Financial. But following the […]

New curb being installed

Progress at Cedar/Franklin/Minnehaha

The intersection of Cedar/Franklin/Minnehaha is the second most dangerous intersection in Minneapolis, with the second most bicycle crashes. It is also one of the most dangerous intersections in Hennepin County, with vehicle crash rates more than two and a half times the “critical rate.” Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis, and other local groups worked […]

Podcast #92 – Beyond Richfield with County Commission Candidate Debbie Goettel

This week’s podcast is a conversation with Debbie Goettel, the mayor of Richfield and a candidate for the Hennepin County Commissioner in the 5th District, which encompasses Richfield, Bloomington, and a big chuck of Eden Prairie. We sat down at the Southdale Library this week, right on the Edina border, to talk about the role […]

The Short Line Bridge and a Saint Paul Greenway Extension

The city of Saint Paul has long envisioned extending the Minneapolis Midtown Greenway across the Mississippi River and along the Canadian Pacific railroad line into Saint Paul. Engineers at the city’s Public Works Department began actively exploring the idea in 2003. It was on the city’s Comprehensive Plan at least as far back as 2008, […]

Redesigning the Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha Intersection

If you have ever traveled through the intersection of Franklin/Cedar/Minnehaha, you know how confusing, wide, fast, and unfriendly it feels. With the second-most bicycle crashes, this is the second-most dangerous intersection in Minneapolis. It’s also one of the most dangerous intersections in Hennepin County, with crash rates more than two and a half times the […]

Downtown Buses Slow as Hell, Three Miles of Transit Tunnels and Bridges Planned Elsewhere

For a couple of months now, local route buses heading north and south through Downtown Minneapolis have been detoured off Nicollet Mall while a $50 million dollar rebuild of that street has gotten underway. Right now buses are running three blocks away on 3rd Avenue South, but they’ll be moving over to Hennepin Avenue next month. […]

Time for Some East Lake Open Streets Follow Through

Sunday’s Open Streets on East Lake Street was the biggest ever. (Or so I hear; I wasn’t there, I was off doing this.) A while back I was interviewing an East Lake business owner for a story I was working on, and a neighborhood organizer came up to the table to chat. We ended up talking about […]

Stop Linking the Green Line Extension with North Minneapolis

Out in the world, there exist all sorts of theories and ideas that are generally correct, in a broad, often academic sense. But you’ll find that those theories and ideas can’t always be applied to all possible situations in the universe. You can say, for example, that lower taxes are good for an economy. More people […]

In a Wheelchair? Good Luck on Franklin Avenue

One of the most highly-used, dangerous, and non-ADA compliant streets in Minneapolis needs to change right now. On my way to work yesterday morning, I witnessed a man in a motorized-wheelchair stuck on the sidewalk of Franklin Avenue (a bit west of Portland Avenue). He was not stuck because his battery died or because of […]

The Other Other Bad Light Rail Alignment: The Blue Line Extension

Regrets! We all have them. One regret that I maybe have, and that a bunch of other people like me maybe could have, is that we all sort of got distracted several years ago. You probably know about the various snafus with the Green Line extension out to Eden Prairie (maybe?) and how there was […]