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Abbey Seitz

Abbey Seitz

Abbey Seitz, Minnesota native, is a professional urban and regional planner based in Honolulu. Her experience in planning and community organizing in Hawai’i has played a distinct role in her writing, leading her to question why and how places, cities, and regions came to be as they are. She recently released her first book, Perseverance Flooded the Streets.

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Designing Cities for Women: Lessons from Barcelona’s ‘Feminist City’

In my recent article, “Want Equitable Cities? We’ll Need More Women in Transportation Planning,” I argued that women’s under-representation in transportation planning and policy making leads to the creation of urban spaces that fail to meet the needs of girls and women. I ended the article with a bold question: What would cities look […]

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Want Equitable Cities? We’ll Need More Women in Transportation Planning

The majority of people who use public transit in the United States are women, yet transportation planners and engineers are predominantly men.  The underrepresentation of women in planning has created cities in which women’s needs are not met. This begs the question, what would public spaces and transportation look like if women had a greater role in […]

Lessons from the 2011 Minnesota Motor Vehicle Crash Facts

What is the true price of our dependence on automobiles? Those in favor of pedestrian-oriented planning say repeatedly that a large contribution to our automobile economy is the cost of driving is simple too cheap. Although gas prices continually rise, they still lack to reflect the current amount of resources we have, and the impact […]

What If Interstate 94 Was a Park?

I’ve always wondered what life would be like if we did away with highway infrastructure. Television shows such as Life After Humans depict infrastructure eventually succumbing to the forces of nature, overbearing with moss and exotic animals.  What if this happened while humans still inhabited this world? While only the fantasy of some urban designers, […]

Does Climate Decide the Strength of our Biking Community? A Look at Geography, Safety, and Psychology

In my previous blog post, Minneapolis’ Secret to Enticing Residents to Bike in the Tundra, I investigated the means by which Minneapolis has become infamous for its large biking community.  Sitting inside my drafty room five months later, with the weather indicator on my computer indicating a grueling -10 outside, I think it best to […]

Can We Save the Suburbs? A Look at NSP’s Living Streets

As of recently, a good deal of attention has been given to re-examining the way we perceive the design of our suburban streets.  While this idea of ‘retro-fitting’ our sprawled cities has come about for various reasons, in particular, the notion of storm water management has become of rising concern in Minnesota’s land of lakes. To […]