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Who Will Ride A Bicycle On What Type Of Facility

Who Will Ride; How Far, When, On What ?

A very common comment from people is that they don’t ride a bicycle because they don’t feel safe on our streets. This is largely a universal human condition and not limited to just the U.S. Dutch folk feel no more comfortable in various situations than U.S. folk. And this is what drives transportation engineering in […]

High rise apartment building by older apartment building at Highland & Woodlawn, St. Paul

Chart of the Day: Mode Share and Housing Type

Using the Metropolitan Council’s Travel Behavior Inventory, which is data from surveys of trips people actually make in this region, we can look at how travel differs based on housing type – and there are noticeable differences. This chart looks at all trips (not just a commute) made by residents of the central cities – […]

Chart of the Day: US CO2 Emissions Trends by Sector

Via Fast Company, here’s a chart showing the national CO2 emissions trends from 1990 to 2014, divided up by sector as a percentage of the whole. As you can see, though emissions relative to each other remain largely stable, there is clear trend where transportation emissions are becoming a larger piece of the pie. Here’s the chart: Charlie […]

Chart of the Day: TIF Comparison for Minneapolis and selected suburbs

Tax increment financing (TIF) is funding mechanism used by cities to aid redevelopment. Controversial at times, some cities make greater use of it than others. Over the years, Minnesota’s laws regarding how TIF can be used have changed. Cities with significant redevelopment areas tend to make greater use of TIF than more stable cities. Example: In the agenda for Saint […]

Chart of the Day: City of Minneapolis Parking Benefit Costs

Here’s an interesting chart…like many private employers, the City of Minneapolis offers appointed employees a choice of transportation benefits: a Metropass, good for unlimited trips on public transit, or contract parking within a block or two of their offices. Appointed employees are the 160 or so City staff who make up its non-elected leadership–people like […]

Chart of the Day: US Cities According to Income Spread

Lately I’ve been thinking about how we compare Minneapolis to other cities around the Midwest, particularly when it comes to things like economic inequality. I wrote about it a week or two ago, and the common confusion between Minneapolis-the-metro and Minneapolis-the-city when thinking about social measures. So when I saw this chart on Twitter yesterday, […]

The Miracle of Two Minneapolises in Prenatal Care

While looking around for some data for another project, I ran into Minneapolis Health Department’s Reports. There’s a lot of great data there, but not all of it is necessarily in amazing condition for people to build off of. One data set, entitled Minneapolis Birth Data, caught my attention. Locked away in mostly tabular PDFs are a […]