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Minnesota State Capitol

Forget Big Dreams – What Would You Settle For?

In case you missed it, there was a bit of a civil war on streets.mn last legislative session following dueling columns about the 2015 transportation proposal and its advocacy coalition, Move MN. Ethan Fawley, executive director of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, kicked things off with a piece called “Why I Support Move MN.” Strong Towns […]

Sunday Summary – May 17, 2015

Here in Minnesota, we are holding our breath for another 24 hours or so, The state legislature must conclude its session by midnight tomorrow, May 18 and although the DFL-controlled Senate and Republican House have reached agreements on many issues, a transportation bill is not (yet?) one of them. We hope legislators (or their staff) are […]

Sunday Summary – May 10, 2015

A Happy Mothers’ Day to streets.mn reader moms! Great gifts for streets.moms would be a new bicycle (perhaps a bakfiets for hauling kids and stuff), a walk around her neighborhood (with light conversation about pedestrian facilities), or a ride on the Green Line to a wonderful brunch. As free-range parenting and urban design have been […]

Sunday Summary – February 15, 2015

Here’s the week’s news beautifully gift boxed like yesterday’s Valentines candy.  You can select only your favorite chocolate covered cherries or sample each and every morsel.  Streets.mn assumes no liability for your choice of what you thought was the caramel but turned out to be the fruit cream. North By Midwest is a long post starting from […]

A Twin Cities Paving Moratorium

Last Wednesday (February 4)  I attended a public presentation by Ramsey County engineers for a proposed redesign of the Randolph and Lexington Avenue intersection. They are proposing to spend a million and a half dollars to purchase four properties on the northeast corner of the intersection and bulldoze them to make space for a dedicated […]

Sunday Summary – January 18, 2015

It has been a busy week here on streets.mn and here it is: Making things better department Streets.mn writers like to make things better.  This week Making Downtown East Commons a Great Place recommends thinking about park programming and what people will do when they get there before designing the park (and considers the long-term costs, too; […]