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Close your Facebook: Go Get Heard!

Without a doubt, now is an emotional and scary time to live in the Twin Cities.  The widely circulated video-recorded death of Philando Castile has put the Twin Cities in a political and emotional uproar. Everybody is obviously running a little hot right now, so I hope readership will forgive me for speaking with cohesive candor […]

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The Brass Messengers

40 Miles: A Birthday Walk

Last year, I read the story of an “Extreme FitBit user” who celebrated her 40th birthday by stepping a total of 40 miles. I knew immediately that this is how I wanted to mark my milestone year. Since my birthday is in January, I had to have a belated walking celebration. I chose Saturday, May 21 because it […]

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Digging History

July 31, 2015 Lexington-Hamline, Downtown, Swede Hollow 17 miles “History” is an interesting word. Sure, it refers to the past, but history ranges from a moment ago, to as far back as you want to go. I bumped into history nearly everywhere I went on this ride, beginning with a trip back to 1975. This […]

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In Defense of “Unlustrous” Bloomington

Recently the StarTribune ran an article about how “Bloomington Has Lost its Luster“. The article makes the following points:  The housing stock is aging, the schools aren’t that great, and young people prefer the city. As a longtime resident of Bloomington, I feel it’s my duty to respond.  Some of my points I’ve made before in other articles, but […]

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Chart of the Day: Perceived Disorder vs Ethnicity

A while back, while reading Daniel Hertz’s recent article about Chicago in City Observatory, I came across the work of Robert Sampson, an urban social psychologist at Harvard. The work is over a decade old, but I still find it compelling and relevant. Sampson’s basic thesis is that perceptions of disorder, i.e. a chaotic or blighted neighborhood, […]

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