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Walking All the Streets of Western Minnehaha

Weeks after I walked the eastern half of the Minnehaha neighborhood, another nice Sunday came along — this time with the added bonus of a newly opening bakery.

Walking All the Streets of Eastern Minnehaha

One can’t avoid the “Cult of Hiawatha” in the southeastern portion of Minneapolis, and so I once again found myself in a neighborhood named for one fictional Indian (Minnehaha) bounded by a highway named for another (Hiawatha), all of which was supposed to somehow make people feel better about living on the land of real […]

Chippewa Avenue and Curtice Street

The Native Street Names On the West Side

Five West Side streets are named after Native American tribes and West Side homes are among the most diverse in the city. Details in this Saint Paul By Bike ride.

Some serious engineering and construction went into the design of the two-story retaining wall at 2300 Doswell!

The ‘Irregular Hillocks, Ridges and Hollows’ of St. Anthony Park

August 25, 2021 20.8 Miles St. Anthony Park I’d never thought of St. Anthony Park as being unusually hilly – that is, until this ride. About halfway through it dawned on me that I was getting a nice workout thanks to the elevation changes. The 1920 edition of the Minnesota Historical Society’s Minnesota Geographic Names […]

Walking All the Streets of Western Midtown Phillips

A glance at the map shows that Midtown Phillips is quite different west of 12th Avenue South than east of that line, where I previously walked. Instead of a dense street grid accommodating primarily small-scale residences, the western half features larger spaces holding two hospitals, a park, a school, and a major mixed-use complex of offices, […]

Walking All the Streets of Eastern Midtown Phillips

Walking the Eastern Midtown Phillips neighborhood reveals a diversity of cultures and an appreciation for the love of family, the appreciation of good food and the need for dignity and self-expression that all Minnesotans share.

Two of the three stalls of Nancy and Vic's cool garage.

A Look at the Coolest Garage In Saint Paul

Garages serve many utilitarian purposes. One Highland Park couple has a garage that does so much more including serving as a neighborhood hangout, restaurant, bar and workshop.