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Looking at the 66th Street frontage of Cedar Point

On 66th Street, Frontage Matters

66th Street is Richfield’s main street, and with a planned reconstruction of 3.5 miles in 2016-17, it has the power to transform this first-ring city. It also has an enormous influence on adjacent South Minneapolis: 66th Street is the longest east-west street south of Lake Street, as well as home to the only major bus line […]

Mr Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall

Re-posted from I have been thinking about the headline quote since I go the note that today marks the last day for public comment on the St. Paul Bike Plan. You can read about the plan and make a last minute comment here. Having reviewed, commented, supported, and lamented the speed with which things […]

What’s the Value of a Lane?

We’ve all probably seen some images floating around on Twitter or other blogs showing the public space various modes take to transport people. This is a powerful, visual way to highlight the inefficiencies of how we’ve laid out our streets and roads, but we still seem to lack the political will to make major changes […]

What Southwest Light Rail Conversations Get Wrong

Is there anything new to say about the Southwest Light Rail? Everything and nothing, sound and fury. Angst and ennui. OK, but even though much has been said, I still think people get the conversation wrong most of the time. I’d like to see a different discussion taking place. Here’s what Southwest is NOT about, and […]

Simple Suggestions for Grant Street

Loring Park is a pretty cool neighborhood. It’s one of the few residential parts of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area that could be convincingly described as urban. Parking is a nightmare. But, it’s conveniently located adjacent to Downtown Minneapolis, and you can easily walk to, among other things, a place to play horseshoes, 150,000 jobs, […]

How To Mitigate Grand Avenue’s Parking Problem

The curious case of Cupcake. It’s two years old now, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth every time I meander past Grand and Milton. This is old news. Now, we have a doggy spa. Three parking spaces. That’s the difference between cupcakes and family-friendly self-service dog shampooing. The successful University Avenue retailer was looking to expand on Grand […]

3 Days Left to Comment on the Draft Saint Paul Bikeways Plan

For those of you who live or work in Saint Paul, there are three days left to submit comments on the Draft Saint Paul Bikeways Plan. After Wednesday, April 30, no more comments will be recorded and city staff will begin the process of creating the final plan. If you haven’t read or looked at […]