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The New Hennepin Bus Lanes

Earlier this year Metro Transit and the City of Minneapolis did a demonstration of rush hour bus lanes on Hennepin Avenue between Franklin Avenue and Uptown Transit Station. Bus service has always been extremely slow due to morning backups from I-94 and afternoon backups from Lagoon Avenue. The demo worked just fine, but relied on […]

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A Hovenring for NE Minneapolis

Minneapolis is often ranked among the top bicycle cities within the US. Our commute mode share is high, relatively, and the pace at which we build new protected facilities is quicker than most other US Cities. Though, in a global comparison, Minneapolis is still very auto-centric, as are most places in the US. Fortunately, Minneapolis […]

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Ritzy Rafter Apartments in CenHen Opening August 1st

The new Rafter development will likely be one of the last large apartment buildings finished in Minneapolis before inclusionary zoning requires new construction to include affordable apartments. Pricing is out for units ranging from a 442 square-foot studio for $1,270 ($2.87 per square-foot) to a 2733square-foot 3-bed for $9,970 ($3.65 per square-foot). In other words, if they don’t […]

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Nicollet Island: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ometimes people ask if I am bummed to not win last year’s Minneapolis Park & Rec Board race and my answer is always a resounding No. Five seats flipped and my Big Ideas won, along with a new majority ready to implement the same goals. A personal favorite, the Triangle Improvement Plan, was fully and […]

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Time to Kill the Northeast Minneapolis Death Roads

Insight Brewery. Familia skatepark. Five Watt Coffee. Headflyer Brewing.  What do all of these places have in common, besides being almost unbearably hip? They’re all sitting on a death trap street named East Hennepin Avenue. Here’s a fun experiment: Next time you drive down East Hennepin, actually drive at the 30 miles per hour speed limit […]

The Hennepin Bus Lane Experiment

I’ve been a Route 6 rider for over 40 years, and you’d think I’d be resigned to the long, slow trip down Hennepin Avenue between Franklin and Lake Street. The Wedge/Uptown is prime bus riding country, so you expect to stop every block. Even though you expect a slow trip, it’s frustrating when it takes […]

Chart of the Day: Hennepin Avenue Peak Hour Mode Share

Today is the day that the semi-vaunted “test” of Hennepin Avenue dedicated bus lanes kicks off. What excitement for people who are really interested in transit design and/or on-street parking policy! (A special “hello” to all twelve of you.) Kidding aside, the test is a big deal. Congestion on Hennepin Avenue during rush hours is […]

Dangerous Intersection: Hennepin & 4th, 5th, & 6th Streets

[This post originally appeared on Our Streets Minneapolis blog as part of highlighting the most dangerous intersections Minneapolis. The author is Paul Jahn.] Below are photos from the intersection of Hennepin Ave and 4th Street N, 5th Street N, and 6th Street N. 4th street is the 17th most dangerous intersection for pedestrian in Minneapolis, 13 reported […]