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Re-imagining the Re-thinking I-94 Proposals

MnDOT has advanced its regressive options for “reimagining” Interstate 94. Our author imagines and explains some more creative, climate-friendly solutions.

A Place to Play: Mattocks Park

With “a little bit of everything for everyone,” Mattocks Park spans a neighborhood block, nestled snugly between rows of family homes in the Macalester-Groveland neighborhood. Housing a large green space with shaded seating, two gated tennis courts, a half-court basketball court, baseball diamond, and playground with a separate “tot-lot,” the park provides a space that […]

Iris Park

Imagine you are strolling down the sidewalk on the busy, urban road of University Avenue in St. Paul, MN. The Green Line train dings to announce its arrival at the Fairview Station as cars fly by and construction vehicles clunk and hum across the street. City life is abuzz all around you. You spot a […]

The view from the author's window of the park across the street.

The Park Across the Street

One of the things that I discovered when I moved into my apartment was that the tennis courts across the street were a bit loud. People drove from other parts of the city to use them and would play tennis until sundown.  So from my apartment, I could hear the sound of a tennis ball […]

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A History of Highway 100 Part Two: The Parks of Lilac Way

Previously I covered an overview of Highway 100, Lilac Way, including an overview of the roadside parks, Here’s a detailed look at all the parks, from north to south.   Lions Park Located in the northeast corner of what is now Bottineau Blvd, this wasn’t part of the original Lilac Way landscaping. It was very […]

Cedar Lake Parkway Tomorrow (1)

A Tree Proposal Kenilworth Should Love

Hey, do you remember a couple of years ago when that budget-Pixar animation company made a feature-length adaptation of The Lorax? Only it watered down the message of one of Dr. Seuss’ most depressing and dire tales about the inevitable result of unadulterated greed into “You can still consume things, but make sure they’re #green!” […]