Author: Justin Foell

Justin Foell

Justin Foell

Justin is an aspiring urbanist stuck in suburbia. He enjoys cycling, beer, yo-yos, computers, and other geekery. Closet railfan.

New York, #1 Bike City

This experience was from two years ago, so the landscape has probably changed since then, but from what I gather, probably not. My friend got a job with Google Labs in New York and uprooted his family to move to Brooklyn. I was going to be in Annapolis, Maryland while touring with Minnesota Brass, so […]

Bells & Whistles

I love the civility and safety that a bell and whistle, respectively, convey. Then there’s the horn. A multi-tasking device that seems to only do one thing well: annoy. MN Statute 169.68 – The Horn (a) […] The driver of a motor vehicle shall, when reasonably necessary to insure safe operation, give audible warning with […]

The Magic of Right-of-Way

As Christian Lander stated in “Stuff White People Like” – they like Public Transportation That Is Not a Bus. I guess that narrows it down to trains: Light Rail, Subways, Commuter Rail, Trams, etc. Part of reason white people (and politicians, and developers) like rail transit is because the rails are part of the route. […]

A Tale of Two Signs

It was the best of times, it was the worse of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness… Consider for a moment a dichotomy that we’ve created. We’ve been driving cars for over one hundred years, and we’ve built our infrastructure around them. Every so often, the general public […]